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Prehistory of Sociology

"Jimmy Owens" (2018-02-05)

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Though this particular subject has its particular roots in Aristotle, Confucius and Plato’s works, it happens to be the latest academic discipline. You need to know that it emerged back in the nineteenth century with the response to different issues of modernity. It is essential to know that the term sociology happened to be coined by a famous philosopher Auguste Comte back in 1838. Keep in mind that people know him as the father of this great subject. He noticed that the science can be used for studying the social world. He also noticed that the scientific analyses may also find the laws that govern social lives. It happened to be in this particular context that he revealed and it is the method of positivism to this particular subject. It is the way of knowing the social world that is based on different scientific facts. He expected that with this great understanding, people will start building a great future. He is the one who envisioned a great process of social change and in that, sociologists played great roles in assisting society. If you ask sociology students so they will tell you that it is very interesting subject and with that they will also mention that if a student takes its coursework lightly so he may end up with a poor coursework. Therefore, students of sociology should think of getting coursework writing service and it will definitely benefit them and they will ace a coursework task successfully. As there are lots of companies offering writing assistance so it is better to go with the best one.

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