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Etsy 2018 SEO - What You Need To Know

"Emilio" (2018-07-04)

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Just a few months ago, it was easy to optimize Etsy listings for search AND to quantify Etsy SEO success.
Etsy sellers can update their names and tags, and wait a couple of hours, perform an Etsy search, and watch their listings over the first few pages of results.

Not so anymore.

The fantastic news is that EtsyRank allows you to do so for free once you register for an account. The program also lets you carry out bulk rank searches using a paid Pro subscription.

Etsy Stats- Use the"Search Terms" section to determine the keywords clients are using to find your own items.

Google Analytics- Here is a post from Etsy about how to get started with Google Analytics.

Educate Yourself- Blog posts - Ultimate Keywords

Get Help - SEO Marketing

Context-Specific Rankings

1 major shift in the Etsy search engine entails a concept called context-specific rankings.

Silverman first introduced this expression in his November 6, 2017 Quarter 3 Etsy Earnings Conference Call, when he declared that CSR was implemented in September 2017 and defined it as technology that uses question and user-level info in real time.
Silverman further illustrated the concept of context-specific rankings in his December 2017 movie by showing results of a before-CSR and also an after-CSR keyword search for"laundry basket." In the before-CSR instance, the hunt provided results for a variety of laundry-basket related things, including stickers picturing laundry baskets, a laundry tote with images of laundry baskets, and a rack for holding laundry shelves.

From the after-CSR example, the search results prominently feature actual laundry baskets.
CSR will make it easier for buyers to find items that they are more likely to purchase.
How then, as Etsy sellers, do we allow our ideal customers know that we have something they'd enjoy?
Etsy has been reticent to make official announcements about search changes, however, Silverman gives us some hints. His forum Q&A informs us that Etsy is
"...working hard to get better at understanding what your item really is, according to all of the data in your listings, including picture recognition, with less focus on your titles. Finally, our goal is to get you layout your name and product description in a manner that many appeals to customers."
Does this mean that Etsy will start to concentrate more on your own product description? It seems like it.
And image recognition? Yep, that too
All these changes in Etsy SEO could have been manageable for Etsy sellers if Etsy had not started revealing multiple search results for the identical store on the first pages of searchengines.
Previously, Etsy added a factor for diversity when displaying search results. This factor made Etsy search look fair by simply allowing one record from every shop on every page of hunt. It gave greater Etsy sellers a fighting chance to be discovered.
When clients search, a couple of shops dominate search results. Customers buy those things, and those shops continue to acquire boosts in ratings. (Also, Etsy continues to earn a profit.)
If you are among those shops dominating, I am sure you're happy with clumping. For everyone else, it's been a real buzzkill.

Etsy system limits the amount of listings per seller that may return within the first few pages of results for any given query. This allows us to assist buyers experience the breadth of things on Etsy, which, as we have learned through data and testing, raises the likelihood they will make a purchase. We'll continue to analyze the information to make sure we're helping buyers find what they're searching for within our varied assortment of listings. We need to do a much better job at delivering Breadth, and not just Depth. I agree this is an area where we need to improve, and we're making significant investments to do so.

As for me, I believe that this is just a really poor response to something that is ruining the livelihood of several Etsy sellers.
Because we can not control clumping, as Etsy sellers, we will need to strategize. What can we do to improve our search results for targeted keywords?
So how will your Etsy SEO plan evolve?
Right nowwe all know that we can improve Etsy SEO using these tips from the Etsy Seller Handbook:
Proceed to use relevant keywords for your own tags and titles.
Make certain your titles and tags fit.
Use your best keywords at the start of your names.
Select as many attributes as possible that accurately describe your product.
Entire your about section.

Use Etsy's policy template
List new items often and revive old listings frequently.

Be as fast as you can with your processing times.

Give clues (including your primary key word ) to what your product is in the very first paragraph of your description. (This is always good for Google SEO anyway )

Focus on smaller niche keywords and develop product lines to target people search terms. (You can play the clumping game, also.)

Contain photographs that reveal your item in use.


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