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Why a corporate site isn't enough?

"Catherine" (2018-03-19)

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Today analysts observe how advertising budgets are "overflowing" the Internet. This international tendency is reasonable. By January, 2009 the quantity of Internet users had exceeded one billion persons, as the company "comScore" informs. The biggest part of the users lives in China - 179 million persons. The USA is the second country by quantity of users, with more than 163 million users of a network. In Russia almost 30 million persons use the Internet resources. The number of Ukrainian users is about 7.7 million, Belarusian chung minh tai chinh is equal to 3 million.

chung minh tai chinh du lich han quocThe qualitative corporate site creation is initial but not unique issue to the Internet marketing. The questions, such as "why our corporate website isn't popular" or "why only a few people visit our site", are set even by well-made web sites owners.

The problem is:

A small company wants to operate online better to hold existing and attract new clients in the B2B (business to business) sector. Its advertising budget is limited and company can't afford high cost and long-term advertising campaign. A name of a company and its brands aren't widespread. For example, you let out the woodworking machinery, well-known only within a narrow circle of consumers.

The company has a standard corporate site, which answers the basic questions that visitors may have such as:

Where is this company from?

What does the company do?

What are the company's products or services?

How can I get in contact with the company? How do I get to their office?

Which other clients does the company have?

The main sections of the site consist of: "About Us", "Contact Us", "Our Products/Our services", "Our clients" and so on. It is possible to add special service such as: "Online order", "Searching" etc.

From the marketing point of view, such site is competent. Why doesn't it work well?

Corporate site is not a God / not all-powerful

The first reason is company name.

The traffic to the corporate website can be close to zero because of company name. The visitors can "find" your website by typing an address directly in browser. For well-known brands and the most popular web pages it isn't a problem, These sites have enough number of daily visitors. But what if your corporate site address is

The second reason is absence of registration in searching sites.

Searching systems are the main source of visitors to the corporate sites. Site advancement consists of its registration in such systems and electronic catalogues so that typed in the search line

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