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Manic Depression Symptoms - Often the Highs and Lows

"Flor" (2018-03-21)

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Manic depression is a mental disorder that is also called manic depressive disorder. To some, it is known as bipolar disorder. Manic depression signs are known to be on the extreme sides of the spectrum. They are really either on the high end possibly the low end. The high-end indicators are known to be the manic symptoms while the low end is termed the "hypo" symptoms or the depressive symptoms.

This type of mental disorder is hard to spot for the reason that patient may appear to be going well after an episode involving depression. Unknown to people about him, he becomes sunny all of the sudden not because he has overcome depression; it is just that he shifted to mania, other symptom of his illness.

Manic Symptoms

The following are manic despression symptoms symptoms observed in patients with the manic or high-end of the mental disease:

e Extreme kindness and euphoric mood.

o Being attention grabbing.

o Inability to completely focus, always and easily distracted.

a Talking very fast due to the racing thoughts that flood as their pharmicudical counterpart.

o Extreme energy level, hyper activity and restlessness.

o Excessive and uncharacteristic shelling out.

o Incoherence and combined ideas.

o Increase in sex-related drive.

o Intrusive behaviour.

o Overly aggressive behavior.

e Very poor judgment

o Thinking in his own super powers and unrealistic abilities.

o Extremely irritable.

o Naps too little but still have too much energy.

o Abusive using substances such as cocaine, alcoholic beverages, and sleeping medications.

a Falling into a denial step and not believing that whatever is wrong with the ico list pup.

Depressive Symptoms

The following manic depression symptoms are witnessed from patients on the lower or depressed mode in the disorder.

o Sadness that will stays for a considerable period of time accompanied by anxiousness and a feeling of emptiness.

o A constant a sense of fatigue and a very low energy levels.

o Feeling hopeless and always pessimistic.

o Loss of lovemaking drive.

o Inability to feel pleasure from anything.

e Inability to concentrate.

a A gnawing sense involving guilt and feeling ineffective.

o Forgetfulness.

o Restlessness.

o Extreme irritability.

i Inability to make rational selections.

o Insomnia or oversleeping.

o A drastic loss or perhaps gain of appetite that leads to either weight loss as well as gain.

o Constant human body pains that can not be proven by medical examinations.

a Suicidal tendencies.

Psychosis is another phenomenon that can be observed as being a manic depression symptom. The item occurs in both manic in addition to depressive modes of the condition. It is characterized by hallucination as well as delusion that is sometimes mistaken for schizophrenia (another sort of mental disorder that also manifests hallucination and delusion).

It is important that proper medical diagnosis be done to tell whether it is manic depression symptom or schizophrenia because the two types of mental disorder need different types of internal and medical attention.

There are people who exhibit mixed manic depressive symptoms. They manifest both the high and the low end regarding the disorder at the same time.

When To Seek Help

As mentioned, it can be difficult to determine if a person offers manic depressive disorder. If you suspect that you or a family and friend is suffering from this emotional illness, it would be best if you get and see a psychiatrist to completely assess your condition immediately ever since the person with this illness includes a very erratic and unsound behavior. It can go coming from shoplifting to promiscuous sexual behavior to suicide. Even greater, these behaviors may be reveal within a short period of time.

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