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Understanding Bra Terminology

"Marita" (2018-03-27)

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You have a band, two straps and two cups and want to make a modern bra, right?
All you have to do is that understanding the terminology of using upwards of 20 different pieces in a modern bra. In this article, there are some terms you might not know. Gore What the heck is a "gore"? The gore is the piece that is between the cups and is part of the band.

This little strip is important for two reasons. Obviously, the first is it connects the cups between the breasts. The more subtle importance has to do with fit. The gore should be flat against your chest. If it sits off the chest, then the bra band size is too small.
Going up a size will make your bra fit better. Wicking Wicking is a term used to describe the material used in your bra. Wicking is the act of pulling moisture away from the skin. Certain microfibers used real estate jobs in dubai bras will do this. If you sweat around your girls, this is the perfect material.

Ask for microfiber bras that wick and you'll be much more comfortable, particularly as we run into summer. Wings Bras have wings? Oh, yes. Wings are the area of the bra that run from the outer edge of the cups around your body to the middle of the back. The wings are usually a firm elastic material.

Why are they important? The secure the bra, but they also are a good way to determine how the bra is performing. When the bra starts to wear, the wings will stretch and start to show fraying. That's when you know it is time to replace the bra. Slings If your breasts become sore easily, you need to consider the prospect of wearing bras with slings.

Despite the name, slings actually ride along the inside of the cup of the bra and provide tremendous support in the lower cups... They may sound like push up bras, but there is minimal push up impact. Instead, it is just a bra with tremendous comfort and massive support.
Short of a sport bra, the sling bra is one of the most comfortable you can wear. Finding the perfect bra can be difficult. Understanding the terminology involved is half the battle. Educate yourself and you stand a great chance of finding a bra that is close to a perfect fit for your bra type.

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