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The Insider Secrets of Concealed Carry Discovered

"Lottie" (2018-04-02)

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Just because I'm a illinois concealed carry class carrier does not mean I stopped running to jerks. The problem with being assertive is that there's always a chance that the individual will respond aggressively or negatively. I'll provide an example from my own life.

Reasonable notice: I hate the holiday season. By the period of November to just after New Year's, I do my best to avoid busy areas like the mall, outlet shops, etc.. The reason for this is straightforward: people are dumb. People are smart, but people are dumb.

And holidays tend to pressure people out rather than make them cheery and merry. I don't know why this is.

In any scenario, I was about to pull into a place in the grocery shop and a middle-aged woman in a massive pickup truck spat across two spots -- including the one I meant to pull into. She leaves her truck running and goes within the shop.

I find another parking place. I am miffed, obviously, but there is no reason to make a big deal about it.

The grocery store is packaged. I go about my shopping. About Aisle 13, the paper towels aisle, I notice the exact same woman only casually browsing the aisles. I thought, in my mind, the only reason I would leave a $50,000 truck running, parked across two parking spaces, is obviously there is a crisis I can only fix with two bottles of discount red wine.

Turns out, this is perhaps a normal thing?

As I prepare to pass her, then I asked her when she drove a truck matching the description of the truck I clearly saw her leave.

I asked her why she thought it necessary to park across two complete parking areas and then leave her truck running.

She looked at me as though she had never once thought about this earlier.

I didn't say anything mean I simply asked her why she thought her behaviour was acceptable.

As I am getting ready to check out, I get a firm pat on the shoulder. I guess it's someone I know from town who recognized me in the grocery shop. I turn about to confront a complete stranger. It is a man. He seems like he is in his late 20s and I don't know him from Adam.

Feeling a little bit of unnecessary strain in the checkout line, I attempted to move it together.

I turned back around and looked at the cashier, that appears a little worried because obviously, the interaction appears a bit chilly and less than holiday cheery. I retained the little line of markets moving, smiled at her and asked how her holiday was going.

"Keep your mouth closed," the guy said, and I could not help but look him dead in the eye at the point. It had been clear his mom is out to dinner, and his son wasn't far behind. There is no requirement to make this a massive thing in the middle of a grocery store.

Just because I am a hidden carrier does not mean I will not run into jerks. I will still stand up for what I believe is important but it's also very important to de-escalate. That said, there certainly were a few choice items I'd at the tip of my tongue I needed to bite back.

I paid for my groceries and walked into my car. The guy didn't follow me outside -- at least that I saw -- there was no further interaction. Sure, my blood was a bit sexy. That is life. But overall, I will chalk it up to dealing with jerks is part and parcel of living in society. Actually, I should haven't mentioned anything in the first place As a hidden carrier, remain calm and proceed together until there's real trouble.

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