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Love & Finance Go Hand in Hand - 11 Principles to Live By

"Sabine" (2018-03-19)

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Are you wondering what love has to do with finances? If this saying, 'the way I do anything is the way I do everything', is true for you, then how you care for your finances might also have something to do with your loving, or unloving, attitudes.

chung minh tai chinh du hoc canadaFamilies that practice the attitudes listed below typically flourish in every aspect of their lives, including finances. The more families focus on these important principles the more they'll benefit by them.

There is another saying, "What is in the heart eventually comes out of the mouth." This is biblical truth. Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. Negative feelings lead to negative reactions, which eventually are voiced to those closest to us.

Below are positive declarations. See if any of the negative messages after the declarations apply to you. Do you live by attitudes of love every day or do you expect others to meet your needs?

1. I HONOR YOU BY HONORING MYSELF, AND OTHERS, WITH LOVING ATTITUDES. Do I have an attitude of gratitude or one of complaining?

2. I VALUE YOUR OPINIONS EVEN WHEN THEY OPPOSE MINE. Do I force my opinions on others? Do I always have to be right? Is it "my way or the highway"?

3. I CONTINUE TO SEEK WAYS TO GROW EMOTIONALLY TO BETTER OUR RELATIONSHIP AND MY OWN HEALTH. Studies show that emotional health leads to better physical health and financial health. As a man thinketh.

4. I AM FORGIVING AND DON'T KEEP A RUNNING SCORE OF WRONG DOINGS. Does bitterness keep you locked up? Do you make a list of those who hurt you and how many times they did it?

5. I PLAN AT LEAST ONE FUN EVENT EACH MONTH AND SMALLER ONES DURING THE WEEK. Have you ever thought about how important it is to set aside 5% of your check each month just to do something fun with your family? Anthropologist and social scientist Margaret Mead presented her cultural findings to the American people stating, "children find inner joy when they are taught to work hard and play hard". By spending quality time with children working or enjoying fun activities together (eating together, talking, playing games) that the children learned to love and value cultural history.

6. I EXERCISE TO AID IN A HEALTHY MIND AND BODY. Scientists have proven that being unhealthy leads to a short life. Find an exercise routine, even if its only 10 minutes a day. It's a start!

7. I FIND WAYS TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU. Communication is NOT as natural to most as it is to some. It takes work. Learn through coaching, chung minh tai chinh du lich books, internet, mentors, and keep practicing!

8. I FIND WAYS TO FEEL INSPIRED & GRATEFUL. If you live without imagination, or feeling sorry about what you don't have, you are missing opportunities to be grateful for what you do have.

9. I SHARE PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES. Insist on accountability, for yourself and your family. If you don't, then your children will see it, react to it, and learn not to obey when you want them to be accountable for something. They learn from you. Learn what accountability means to you.

10. I WILL FOCUS MY MIND ON MAKING MY SPOUSE'S LIFE EASIER. Do you wake up in the morning to ask yourself, "What would make my spouse's life easier today?" If you are focused on your self then there will be no room for thoughts of your spouse.

11. I GIVE YOU THE FREEDOM AND SUPPORT YOU NEED TO GROW OR ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL OR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Definition of Support = "To sustain, withstand, endure, undergo, to bear or hold up, to collaborate, advocate, to maintain." Any questions?

If you can get your heart right, your mind will be clearer to make better decisions relationally and financially. Each of the statements above hold a decision for you to make. If you regularly shy away from responsibilities, even without purposefully deciding to do so, realize you are not alone. Most of human existence has been lived in an unconscious state of mind because of the great disconnect between the head and their heart.

Is it possible to bring the badly needed connection to a conscious level? DEFINITELY...IF... you focus on what you want. A better relationship with God, family, wealth, any of it can be yours if you keep persevering and working toward your goal. You CAN do it!

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