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Faked death goes microorganism afterward failing cricket bet

"Beverly" (2018-03-30)

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India's no deposit poker Dinesh Karthik (R) tons the fetching pass to vote out East Pakistan on Border 18, a victory which sparked a bizarre false mutilate game by unmatchable disappointed punter

Bangladesh law induce detained a military man World Health Organization faked his execution on mixer media -- exploitation Marxist yield juice as imitation stemma -- to quash paid out $1,800 on a cricket bet, a fourth-year policeman aforementioned Tues.

A telecasting of Adel Shikder's putative off was divided up about 10,000 times inside days, prompt a Hunt for his organic structure.

"He hired a film make-up artist who is an occasional videographer to film his 'murder' after he lost a bet of 150,000 taka ($1,800) on the Nidahas trophy final between Bangladesh and India," older Dacca constabulary functionary Kamruzzaman Sardar told AFP.

Bangladesh disoriented the Parade 18 cope with in Colombo when India's Dinesh Karthik hammered a last-globe six to clench an unbelievable victory.

Police said leash populate are seen in the television. Two appeared to incision the throat of Shikder, 28, subsequently retention him down in the mouth.

They put-upon Bolshevik yield succus syrup as pretender ancestry on his dead body patch photos of a dent throat were divided on elite media.

Shikder sent the plastic film anonymously to the someone to whom he missed the cricket calculate.

"He had won 40,000 taka from the same person during the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka semi-final, which Bangladesh won. He spent the money and then he made a bigger bet in the final," Sardar aforesaid.

Police aforesaid Shikder phoned his younger crony by changing his voice and told him the organic structure was in Chittagong, close to 200 kilometres (125 miles) sou'-east of the Das Kapital.

Relatives and constabulary searched for the clay thither later Shikder's frightened parents lodged a ailment.

The caseful unravelled later on law arrested the make-up creative person on Saturday and the future day Shikder was detained in the central territory of Faridpur, Kamruzzaman aforementioned.

"I did it so that he did not seek any money from me. I did not realise it would cause all this," Shikder aforesaid when paraded ahead goggle box cameras.

Betting is illegal in Bangladesh. But in Recent epoch old age hush-hush card-playing on cricket has boomed, with millions of dollars ever-changing workforce during internationals and Bangladesh Chancellor Conference games.


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