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The best desktop computers you can buy

"Tiffiny" (2018-04-06)

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The Insider Pick:

A desktop computer can be more powerful than a laptop and offer more connectivity options for use at home or in your office. The best desktop you can buy is the Dell XPS Tower, thanks to its varied processor options, reasonable price, and many ports.

Computer components have gotten smaller and more powerful, and laptops have become increasingly popular as a main computer for most people. That, of course, does not mean there isn't a place for a great desktop computer in your home or office.

After all, while laptops are perfectly capable of handling most tasks, some people just need a little extra oomph. For example, gamers need to be able to run high-performance games, video audio editors need powerful processing to work with high-resolution files, and so on. The average joe may want a desktop computer, too, because they can easily be customized, often feature disk drives, and allow for more connectivity with more ports.

As with any computer, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a desktop computer. For starters, you'll want to think about the operating system that you prefer: Windows or MacOS. Operating system comes down to personal preference, though many find MacOS easier to use. Windows machines are cheaper and more widely compatible with programs and external devices, though.

You'll also want to think about how powerful you need the computer to be. Most of the computers on this list feature Intel Core i chips, which come in a range of models. At the most basic level, the entry-level chip is the i3, the mid-range the i5, and the high-powered option is the i7. 

Apart from the processor, there's RAM, which impacts overall speed and day-to-day use; and storage, which dictates how many files — including videos and music — can be stored on the desktop. Now on to our top picks.

Read on in the slides below to learn why the Dell XPS Tower is our top pick and why you should also consider the Corsair One Pro, the Apple iMac, the Zotac Magnus ZBOX EN1060K-U, and the Acer Aspire Desktop.
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