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Maternity Lingerie

"Shantae" (2018-04-08)

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tumblr_ncexxzFKaq1r9za52o1_500.jpg;boobiI have been wearing panties for several decades now. It started with my sister's panties years ago. Well, truth be told, my mother's underwear were the very first pair that I had the joy of. But then I had no option except to delight in my sister's panties. To get her reaction, also let her know that I was wearing her panties, I purposely staged a scene which would permit her to watch me wearing her underwear. My sister had been cool with my panty wearing right from the beginning and did not object to me wearing her panties. I was visiting her house in Chicago this past weekend. We've never had any issues with seeing each other inside our panties or perhaps partly nude. My sister just has one bathroom in her place and occasionally she would be in there doing her Weboldal makeup or draining her hair when I turned the shower off. We had several casual discussions as I dried off in plain view of her. One more thing which I thoroughly appreciated and didn't believe my sister was aware of was listening to and seeing her when she peed. Whenever we were the only two at home we closed doors, which comprised the bathroom door when we took a flow. I loved the noise equally as far as I liked seeing her do something so romantic.

For last weekend's trip, I came kind of late night on Friday night. My sister, realizing that it was me, opened up the door wearing just her panties and high heel slippers. Saturday morning that I followed my nose lead by the smell of breakfast being ready, into the kitchen. I entered the kitchen to find my sister standing over the stove. Her back was turned to me personally. She was sporting a short, very pretty nylon and those identical sexy batter in the last night. The robe was not completely undamaged, but utter enough to let me observe that my sister was wearing a very sexy panty under the robe that covered her 40+ butt just enough to make a man want to see the remainder of it. My sister's 40+ ass has the kind of shape which make a man's heart stop. Her buttocks has the shape rexxxmovies like the perfect upside down heart, and narrows drastically at her 24-inch waist. In the side view, her buttocks bubbles out, filling her skirt and jeans as though the clothing were custom fit to her ass.

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