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How to Talk Dirty - The Right Way

"Marianne" (2018-03-25)

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scammerTrump's campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, who is now White House communications director, told Politico
that Trump's summer 2016 comments were not a reference to crimes by US personnel. "Mr. Trump was referring to Iraqi soldiers," she said at the time.

"Success in this environment for any business — 
small or large —
starts with great content," she said. "It's impossible to predict what will happen next, but great, value adding content will always be a sound investment on this platform."

'More cash than Donald Trump had ever seen in his life'
During the presidential campaign, Trump also made several references
to theft committed in Iraq during the US-led invasion and reconstruction effort.

"The crewmembers aboard Polar Star not only accomplished their mission, but they did so despite extreme weather and numerous engineering challenges. This is a testament to their dedication and devotion to duty," Vice Adm. Fred Midgette, commander of the US Coast Guard's Pacific Area, told
Maritime Executive.

The drastic reduction in expectations was expressed succinctly by the organizers in terms of access and information made available to the hundreds of media personnel invited. We were shown almost nothing of the conference itself: Screens stationed throughout the press center, ostensibly to broadcast the sessions, turned off after the opening statements. No information was ever made available about the delegates. No Russian officials were present for comment or interviews.

"The platform has been less vocal about any recent changes to its algorithm," said Ben Arnold, managing director at We Are Social North America. "There is a concern that Instagram will go the way of Facebook — which effectively 'switched off' the remaining organic value of content on its platform last month."

In practice, this meant the High Negotiations Committee (other opposition groups in attendance were limited to the "loyal opposition," toothless groups whose existence Damascus allows to give the illusion of competition with the ruling Baath Party). Internal discussions were reportedly intense, with some members of the committee favoring attending for a variety of reasons, including Turkish pressure. Ultimately, however, the group as a whole also decided to 
boycott the talks

A letter sent by Mattis to NATO headquarters in January called for a formal NATO mission to Iraq with a semi-permanent or permanent command to train and advise Iraqi forces. The proposal was reportedly greeted coolly in Brussels.

The US Coast Guard's only operational heavy icebreaker
, the Polar Star, recently completed a mission to cut a resupply channel through Antarctic ice in the Ross Sea, but the ship's 150-strong crew grappled with engine failure and flooding during the trip.

The first memo claims that the FBI and DOJ misled a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court in order to obtain and renew a so-called FISA warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, and that they used the largely uncorroborated Trump-Russia dossier as the primary source of evidence in their application.

Ultimately, quality content will win, said Andy Amendola, senior director of digital strategy and media at The Community. And even if audience growth plateaus and creators reach a smaller audience, one way of looking at it is that audience will engage more meaningfully.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is hardly the only one. Cosplay creator Jessica Nigri recently told Business Insider
 that she felt that Instagram was starting to restrict creators' reach. Ryan Babenzien, CEO and Founder of Brooklyn-based sneaker startup Greats echoed Nigri, adding that small brands and creators were losing their trust in the platform.

The offensive all but ensured the absence of Kurdish groups. While Moscow entertained hopes the Kurds would participate until the eleventh hour, with Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova 
on Jan. 27 that Kurdish representatives would participate, the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party ultimately decided on a 
full boycott
of the talks.

The wider outcome of the Kremlin's much-vaunted congress, however, is much starker: it was a demonstration that Moscow is singularly ill-equipped to resolve Syria's deep-seated conflicts and force all its players to the table.

By these standards, the dialogue was an unabashed failure. Instead of confirming Russia's status as the Middle East's 
ascendant power
, having 
"checkmated" the United States
in Syria and with Putin ready to 
"rule the Middle East,"
the Syrian National Dialogue Congress proved Moscow has no idea how to credibly wrap up its ongoing military adventure.

"Any time a company that makes all its money on advertising controls the throttle and reach — which at one point was purely organic and now is pay-to-play — you can assume that it will affect any brand or person on Instagram while allowing Instagram to increase their ad revenue," said Greats' Babenzien.McMurdo Station
, opened in 1955, is one of three stations operated year-round by the National Science Foundation and acts as a staging area for teams headed to the South Pole and other research stations deeper in Antarctica. It is built on the southernmost patch of solid ground that is still accessible by ship. Its average temperature in January, which is a summer month, is 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Summertime supply deliveries allow the station to stay open.

Instagram added two new features in December that have yet again altered users' feeds: The ability for users to follow hashtags
 and surfacing hashtag-focused posts in its feed as well as a "Recommended for you
 section that will show posts that users' friends have liked. 

Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump refused to release the Democratic memo responding to Rep. Devin Nunes controversial Russia investigation memo because it contained improper information about confidential "sources and methods" that need to be redacted.

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The Democratic rebuttal memo pushes back against the Nunes memo's claims, in particular criticizing its assertion that the dossier was the sole basis for the Page FISA application, two sources on the House Intelligence Committee told Business Insider.

The first principle is to be yourself and be genuine. You need to pick your favorite writer and study his or her copy. You will find most write the same manner as if they are talking to a friend. They captivate attention and get a response. They allow their personality to show through the copy backed up with content, education, and results.

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Trump has stated that the Nunes memo "totally vindicates" him in the special counsel's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign's potential collusion in the Kremlin's efforts.

The Polar Star, which was commissioned in 1976, is the Coast Guard's only operational heavy icebreaker, and it can break ice up to 21 feet thick. (It has one medium icebreaker, the Healy
, which mainly does scientific work.) The Polar Star's sister ship, the Polar Sea, was commissioned the same year but left service in 2010 because of repeated failures
in its main engines.

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"Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper!" Trump tweeted. "Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!"

The week before, Trump authorized the release of the the Nunes memo that details alleged misconduct on the part of the FBI and Justice Department in the Russia investigation. The FBI had released a rare public statement urging against its release, cautioning that it could reveal intelligence methods.

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The harsh conditions in the polar regions take a toll on the 41-year-old Polar Star. It is scheduled to return
to the US in March, at which point it will go into drydock for repairs. It is the only Coast Guard cutter to go into drydock every year

Many of the parts needed to keep the Polar Star running are no longer in production. Coast Guard personnel pull needed gear from the Polar Sea, but they've also had to order secondhand parts from eBay
. The ship sails with a year's supply of food in case it gets stuck.

As with Afghanistan, Trump's stated skepticism of ongoing US involvement overseas doesn't appear to have informed his ultimate policy choice
. US military personnel continued to support Iraqi forces and partner forces against ISIS throughout 2017.

The next principle is to be very specific. Do not speak in generalizations. If you are going to write about how many leads someone can get. Write the number of leads. Generalizations show some doubt on the writer's part. The reader maybe wondering why the generalizations, be specific.Germaine Moore, 44, surrendered about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday to police in Millbrook, Alabama, just north of Montgomery, and faces sexual assault of a child, distribution of video depicting the assault and first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

Counselor Kellyanne Conway defended President Donald Trump's refusal on Friday to release a Democratic rebuttal to the controversial memo on the Russia investigation, authored by House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, despite Trump's decision to release Nunes' memo last week.

Comparing January to October, for example, Quip actually saw a 118% increase in organic likes per post and a 56% increase in organic reach per post. Function of Beauty too said that both its reach and engagement grew consistently between October 2017 and January 2018, with the brand reaching over 923,000 collectively in the same time period.

The summit was meant to mark the first official talks between Kurdish rebels and the Syrian government 
— an international coming-out party of sorts for the Kurds. Securing their involvement required Russia to engage in months of negotiations with Turkey, which deems the Syrian Kurdish forces a terrorist organization and a branch of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). While Russia repeatedly 
promised the Kurds
that their 155 representatives would be able to attend, Turkey 
continuously insisted
that no Kurdish delegates would be allowed.

Some experts are also viewing this all as a bid to push small brands to pay for more ads on Instagram. Brands of all sizes have been paying to play on Facebook for years, which in turn has seen a tremendous growth

"When you look at the commercial success that Facebook has delivered through the monetization of its platform, you would expect Instagram to follow suit at some point in time," Arnold said. "Using Instagram to grow organically as a small brand is 
definitely going to be tricky."

At the very least, Moscow hoped to see the establishment of United Nations-supervised 
national elections
that would legitimize the Syrian leader and allow for the Kremlin to credibly prepare to exit the conflict.

Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft has said the Polar Star is "literally on life support
," and the service plans to build at least three heavy and three medium icebreakers to fill out the fleet. The first one is expected by 2023.

Meanwhile, Russia's extension of an invitation to 
Mihrac Ural
, the so-called Butcher of Baniyas who took part in the 
of hundreds of Sunni civilians in 2013, created a wholly unnecessary 
row with Turkey
. Russia's most disingenuous choice of all was to hold its peace conference while continuing 
heavy airstrikes
on Syria's Idlib province.

"If the Polar Star were to suffer a catastrophic mechanical failure, the nation would not be able to support heavy icebreaker missions like Operation Deep Freeze, and our nation has no vessel capable of rescuing the crew if the icebreakers were to fail in the ice," Midgette told Maritime Executive.

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In February 2017, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis
— who was a Marine commander during the first Gulf War and led the 1st Marine Division during the 2003 invasion of Iraq — assured Iraq that the US military was not in the country "to seize anybody's oil

Some $12 billion to $14 billion in cash was airlifted to Iraq after the 2003 invasion, with another $5 billion delivered by electronic transfer. That cash was withdrawn
from Iraqi government accounts in the US and it's not clear where all that money went — though billions are believed to have been smuggled out of Iraq.

The application to surveil Page was filed in October 2016. But the memo notes the FBI opened its  investigation into links between Trump and Russia in July 2016, on account of "Papadopoulos information."

"The hypocrisy of this just kind of reaches out and grabs you by the throat," Schiff said. "Here the Republicans write a memo the FBI quite accurately describes as misleading and omitting material facts, the Department of Justice says it would be 'extraordinary reckless' to release this. And what does the president do? He says 'I'm going to release it, before I even read it, 100% I'm going to release it.'"A number of high-profile attacks in Afghanistan towards the end of January were claimed by competing terrorist groups ISIS and the Taliban — putting the spotlight back on a country that has been at war for over a decade.

The Center for Public Integrity reported in 2015 that at least 115
enlisted personnel and officers in Afghanistan and Iraq had been convicted of theft, bribery, and contract-rigging crimes valued at $52 million since 2005.

On January 11, there was a failure in one of the ship's three main gas turbines, which produce the power needed for the ship's propellers to break up thick, multiyear accumulations of ice. The Polar Star's crew traced the problem to a programming error between the engine and the ship's electrical system — which, like much of the ship, dates back to the 1970s.

The ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, had some harsh words on the White House's measured response to the Democratic memo. Speaking on CBS's Face the Nation, he accused Trump of putting "his own personal interest above the national security interest of the country."

Five days later, a shaft seal failed, allowing 20 gallons of frigid seawater a minute to flood the engine room. The crew responded quickly, stanching the flow with an emergency shaft seal. Afterward, they were able to remove the water from the ship's engineering space and perform more permanent repairs on the faulty seal.

"I'm sure the president is frustrated," Gowdy said after Trump released the first memo. "So I'm sure that that instructs some of what he said. I actually don't think it has any impact on the Russia probe for this reason."

ISIS declares the 'Khorasan Province'
ISIS first came
to South Asia in 2014, using the group's substantial funds and weak local governments to co-opt high-ranking members of the Pakistani Taliban and disaffected members of the Afghan Taliban. 

Strangely enough in real life it is a lot easier to harm than to heal. Somehow supremacy and power are achieved faster through war than peaceful negotiations. No surprise here: negotiating peacefully takes time to find a compromise which, in many situations, is not what the parts involved hoped to achieve.

"The Taliban is a much larger organization, controls roughly 10-12% of the population of Afghanistan, has conducted a lot more attacks, and has some support among Afghanistan's conservative rural population," Jones said.

Creators say their Instagram audience is not what it used to be
Jeremy Jacobowitz is yet another example. He is the creator of brunchboys
, a popular food account on Instagram with nearly 450,000 followers. He says that he feels that his reach has tanked in recent months due to some sort of change in the algorithm, but not necessarily his engagement. 

"This is serious business," she said, "and if it takes a little bit of extra time to get the transparency and accountability out there, we should all respect that. The president is inclined to declassify as he did the other memo."

Trump also advocated the US take Iraqi oil as compensation for its war and reconstruction efforts. "We go in, we spend $3 trillion. We lose thousands and thousands of lives, and then … what happens is we get nothing," Trump said
in September 2017. "You know, it used to be to the victor belong the spoils."

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in Detroit said Moore is expected to be extradited to Michigan on first-degree criminal sexual conduct, child sexually abusive activity and other charges for sexual assaults alleged to have taken place from 2011 until last year at times when the girls' mother was working.

Ever since Facebook announced its massive News Feed shake-up last month
, many publishers and social-media-dependent brands have been in panic mode, believing that the days of quickly building audiences on the social network organically (i.e. without paying for them) — are numbered.

"In my years of experience in dealing with these types of cases, even though we're looking at these three victims, I believe that we will probably find that there are additional victims," Craig said. "We are asking the public that if they recognize this individual and if there's been any contact to please let us know."

One Coalition Provisional Authority official who was convicted in 2006 and sentenced to nine years in prison for involvement in a bribery, theft, and money-laundering case, once said
he and others were dealing with "more cash than Donald Trump had ever seen in his life."

Taliban remains the dominant jihadist force
ISIS-K defensive fighting positions targeted by airstrikes in Momand Valley, Achin District, Nangahar Province, Afghanistan, October 19, 2017.
US Army

An attack
on Save the Children's Jalalabad office on January 24 that killed six people and an attack
on Kabul's military academy on January 29 that killed at least 11 Afghan soldiers were claimed by ISIS' Afghan branch — known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — Khorasan Province (ISIS-K).Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited the White House in March 2017. On that occasion, Trump praised the two countries' "unprecedented cooperation
" in the fight against ISIS and underscored the US commitment to improving Iraq's security.

Jones said ISIS-K has been so surprisingly resilient because it mostly operates in parts of Nangarhar Province, particularly the Achin District, where neither the Taliban or the Afghan government have much control. Instead the region is mostly controlled by local tribes and clans.

A small minority of the US military personnel deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan were involved in theft, bribery, and other crimes related to the reconstruction effort. The Los Angeles Times reported
in spring 2009 that the Justice Department had won more than three dozen bribery-related convictions tied to the awarding process for reconstruction contracts in both countries.

Trump has publicly denounced NATO, Germany in particular
, over what he sees as European countries shirking their financial obligations to the alliance. He has criticized US allies in Asia for what he has described as free-riding on American pledges of defense.

Many bloggers wake up one day to find their articles duplicated on obscure sites, MFA sites and so on. They are often frustrated and they ask in forums the classic: what can I do if someone copies my content. Well, now you have a possible answer: you don't need to go to court to punish a site for copyright infringement. It is enough to file a complaint at Google and you've got the guilty site out of the Google SERPs for at least 10 days.

Again, there was an intense last-minute effort by Russia to reverse this decision, but with the exception of a few individuals reportedly attending on their own, there was no High Negotiations Committee presence in Sochi.

This is a fair question. It would be irresponsible for me to state that large training companies are incapable of producing high quality instruction. After all, I was one of those instructors sent out for years to teach for companies such as yours, and I can honestly state I offered outstanding courses. However, I did have to do "cleanup" work for previous poorly appointed instructors, and I did find myself quite burned out over time at the senseless hours and poor pay.

After a delegation of Iraqi officials visited Trump in the White House, Trump, speaking in jest, referred to them as "the most accomplished group of thieves he'd ever met," one former US official told The Washington Post

The Taliban have complete control
of some areas in Afghanistan's countryside, have their own court systems and governmental structures in place, a military structure based in Pakistan, and, according to a recent BBC report
, threaten 70% of the country.

You must be knowing the harrowing days our world famous writers Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen, passing through these days. They are still in hiding need not tell you and and the latter atleast once in six months knocking on the doors of world's largest democracy to give a fresh lease of life which she, Taslima is blessed with, in instalments. Her requests for permanent asylum in India always get rejected and please do not ask a citizen like me 'why is it so'?

Some marketers are seeing plenty of Instagram success
Not everyone in the Instagram world is freaking out. In fact, some brands and creators, such as oral hygiene brand Quip and haircare brand Function of Beauty, say that they have actually seen improvements in their reach and engagement in recent weeks. 

I hope this helps your thinking processes as you search for the right training organization for your next software rollout or training round. Large or small, in the end it boils down to how is the instructor treated and in what condition he or she arrives at your door, time after time. In many cases, David beats Goliath.

Preliminary discussions on Jan. 29 did not occur, with representatives of the media being told quite literally to "amuse themselves" that day by Russian organizers. The official opening of the conference on Jan. 30 was delayed for three hours when 
an opposition delegation at the airport
, disconcerted by the universal presence of regime symbols and absence of the opposition flag, departed back to Turkey.

The last principle is to disguise your sales pitch within valuable content and provide proof to backup your claims and promises. This will make everything a win-win. Your readers will learn some valuable content; they will view you as an expert, someone of value, and buy from you.

"The victims live in Michigan," Detroit Police Chief James Craig told reporters Tuesday. He added that Moore had occasionally visited the family in Detroit and that the girls had visited him in Alabama.

With high turnover rates, you may not get the same instructor from rollout to rollout, or even from course to course. Typically the larger organizations do their best to maximize profits, as all large organizations do. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but they tend to skimp on paying instructors what they are worth. While this is not totally unexpected, it also is a huge tactical error.Insinuations began to appear from Russian analysts that the real achievements of Sochi had 
already been negotiated beforehand
and would appear later, implying the conference itself was largely perfunctory.

Unlike Rohniton Mistry, a person, be he a celebrity in Maharashtra if dares to take on Shiv Sainiks airing his protest freely and courageoulsy contrary to their's, imagine the plight awaiting him/her, something unimaginable. A celebrity will get protection, what about an ordinary citizen? Get doomed.

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