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Political Correctness Is Censorship

"Colin" (2018-05-01)

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Clearly, if college students never have any chance to communicate the language outdoors the classroom, then the chances of their learning to do so turn out to be infinitely trim. On the other hand, the same time and work could be profitably turned to studying to studying and understand it.

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My compliments to the venerable Indianapolis Theater Examiner, Mr. Tim Cabeen, for reminding me of the gifted Invoice Bryson. Mr. Bryson has written a slough of humorous books, my favorite of which is In a Sunburned Country, a sort of history/travelogue of Australia that is extremely funny and educational. I loved the chapter in which Mr. Bryson listed all of the Australian spiders, bugs, and sea creatures whose bite or sting can trigger particular death. Like I needed a purpose other than The Thorn Birds to by no means set foot on Australian soil.

EBooks Need Batteries - Another reason why I'll never purchase an E-book or an E-book studying device is none of my publications require batteries, electrical energy or power of any kind. Any type of Ebook reader demands energy, whether or not it's batteries or electrical energy and I don't want my reading routines to depend on that. I like that I can consider a guide outside, flip it open and begin studying where I left off. There's no need to energy up, plug in or curse simply because the battery just died.

Animals are supersensitive and have abilities that we do not. They are neither dumb or silly. Animals are able to know about the earth changes lengthy prior to we do. Consider for example the elephants in Indonesia at the time of the Tsunami, they experienced moved to high ground long before the storm strike.

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